Orpheas Co.S.Ep. began to form in the summer of 2011 and to plan its mode of operation and its statutory purposes. In the Spring of 2012, the two cinemas of Summer and Winter Orpheus were granted to it by the municipality of Kos. The company is made up of young - working residents of Kos with knowledge and studies on Cinema, Culture, Tourism and Administration.

The company started operating the summer cinema in June 2012 and the winter one in November of the same year. Orpheas Co.S.Ep manages to gradually modernize the two halls as well as to renovate and maintain the infrastructure of the two buildings in excellent condition. To date, it has managed to offer high-level cinema services and has two fully renovated theaters with modern Dolby Digital projectors and a Dolby Surround 5.1 digital sound system.

In addition to its cinema operation, Orpheas Co.S.Ep has undertaken to manage two venues unique to the island. In this way, by achieving its statutory goals, it has managed to establish itself as a center of support, promotion and hosting of all local and non-cultural activities.

Since 2012 the business has hosted over 40 theater performances, nearly 50 concerts and over 30 music and dance events. It has also hosted school performances-festivals and social events. Finally, he has participated in the Hippocrates and has organized film tributes and cultural events with free entry for the public.

The company is committed to continuing its broad cultural action and seeking cooperation with local, social and cultural institutions.